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Sorry for any inconvenience, but we’re in the throes of putting together a new site for the new decade. As a part of The Small Business Network group, and The Centre for Leadership Skills, we serve CEOs and boards with transitioning high potential employees into accountable leadership; individuals, teams, and entire organisations. If you’re looking to move your best people into leadership; or as an owner, or CEO you’re looking to get out from the day-to-day tactical hands-on management and transition yourself into true leadership; then you’ve come to the right place …

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Centre for Leadership Skills, The Small Business Network Pty Limited
108 St Georges Tce, Level 25, Perth WA, 6000, Australia
Phone: +61 08 6201 9090 Email: service@michaelwass.com
Office Hours: Weekdays 9:00am/5:00pm AEST